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thoughtfully designed. effortlessly aesthetic.

Content creation isn’t something I do sporadically- it’s a true passion of mine! 

I love to spark people’s curiosity in new ideas, products, and places.

As a writer with a background in web and copywriting, I can create content that is audience-centric and engaging.


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Media Kit & Analytics

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Content I Create
  • Softgirl, Cottagecore, Coquette Aesthetics

  • Beauty + Fashion + Lifestyle

  • Vancouver

  • Navigating my 20's + Adulting

  • Creativity

What I Offer
  • TikToks

  • Reels

  • Instagram In-Feed Posts

  • Instagram Stories

  • Blog Articles

My Audience
  • 6k 

  • 67% Female

  • 58% ages 18-24

Collabs & Partnerships 💐

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Heading 5

Grow Your Vision

With an active community of over 6k, I can help you craft digital experiences that align with your brand, create conversation and stand out.

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