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Welcome lovers 

I'm Katie, and I'm a writer based in Vancouver, Canada.

I’m drawn to all things dreamy and delightful, ☁️🧺💐

soft and sentimental 💌 🎀

I hope my content gives you the courage to be creative,

the confidence to become the person you’ve always wanted to be,

and sparks the possibility of the dream life you want to live ✨

When I’m not busy typing away at my favourite downtown café, you can find me:

  • hitting prs while blasting Black Tiger Sex Machine at the gym (not to brag but I am their top 1% listener on Spotify)

  • scavenging for vintage books and wolfing down sweets on Main St.

  • poking around on my piano with the aims of hopefully writing a symphony and scoring for film one day 

Thanks for joining me! Happy reading,


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