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Great has five letters, and so does Katie 

It’s so nice to meet you!


I’m Katie, a writer specializing in copywriting and content strategy.

My biggest goal is to help spark new ideas in others through creative thinking, thoughtful content, and aesthetic design.

I believe life is too short to be only doing one thing you love: So when I’m not typing away at my favourite downtown cafe, you can find me writing music!

Favourite Word


Knows all the lyrics to

​The entire Lust for Life Album by Lana Del Ray

Best ice cream in Vancouver

Earnest, duh!​​

Guilty Pleasure

Doomscrolling on FB Marketplace


How I Write


Be allergic to insincerity and never compromise on your standards.

Being detailed and expressive shouldn't be a luxury- it’s the quality you deserve.

Every word has a reason for being.

Noteworthy Copy!

Ready to say the right words?
I've got you!

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